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Weed Suppressant Mat

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  • Weed Suppressant Mat™ 

    5’ by 50’ Rolls approximately 45lb. Shrink Wrapped Product GHSDS available upon request.

    Weed Suppressant Mat™ Weed Suppressant Mat™ 88% +/- 2% Whole Wood Fiber 12% +/- 2% Bi-component fiber Hot Melt <1% Basic Green Dye (optional) Organic Matter.……….…………….…….±95% Inorganic (ash) Content……………………..1.0% Weed

    Suppressant Mat™ (WSM) is a wood mat comprised of recycled wood from northern Minnesota. WSM is a one-step product for weed removal and mulching protection. There are no restrictions on use. They are strong, flexible mat that reduces rain impact and slowly releases moisture into the soil while inhibiting growth. Weed Suppressant Mat™ is not intended for:

    1. The prevention of landslides on soils that display deep seated instabilities or that are subject to surface peeling or frost heave.

    2. Extended or permanent erosion control in nonvegetative applications.

    3. Design parameters requiring a channel liner and/or increased protection from concentrated overland water flows.

    Recommended uses for Weed Suppressant Mat™

     To smother lawn grass and weeds.  In place of black plastic or herbicides.  Seedlings may be planted through the mat.  WSM™ will last approximately 3+ years.

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