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Who doesn’t love seeing Monarch Butterflies? Now you can turn your backyard into a Monarch sanctuary. The Monarch Special Kit is designed to create the perfect environment for our orange and black winged friends. With milkweed species for the caterpillars to feast on and other blooming species for nectar, they won’t be able to resist. More than just for butterflies, you will enjoy a variety of colorful blooms, as well.

Best planted anywhere with plenty of sunlight any anywhere you want to see Monarch Butterflies.


The kit includes 36 plants; six plants of six different species. Species included will vary based on current inventory and availability in a variety of bloom times and blossom colors.


We recommend planting in a 40-60 square foot area.


Sun Exposure: Full to Partial


Soil Moisture: Medium Wet to Dry


Height: 2' - 4'

Monarch Special Plant Kit

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