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Stewardship Plans

A Forest Stewardship Plan is written for your property based specifically on your land management goals. Plans provide an in-depth understanding of what is in your woods, recommendations of improvements that can be made, and when to work on those improvements. The plan can help you stay on track over the long-term and keep your woods healthy, beautiful, and productive. Plans are generally written for woodland owners with 20 to 5,000 acres, but small acreage plans can be written for properties under 20 acres. Plans are updated every 10 years to stay current with your needs and your woods. Forest Stewardship Plans are needed for several conservation-based financial incentive programs.

Examples of common landowner goals addressed in stewardship plans are:

  • Management for specific tree species

  • Management for wildlife species such as deer, turkey, or grouse

  • Timber harvest recommendations

  • Invasive species management

  • Forest regeneration advice

  • Tree/shrub planting advice

Funds are available to provide landowners in current project areas with Forest Stewardship Plans at a reduced cost. Maps of current project areas can be found below.

Plans are developed and written by DNR approved professional foresters. These plan writers can be private foresters, SWCD foresters, DNR foresters, or individuals with other environmental organizations.


Plan writers can be found at:

Stewardship Plan Agreement for funding with Crow Wing SWCD-click here

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