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onsite visit

with a SWCD Technician

Whatever your need -- onsite visits, wetland conservation, tree planting, forestry advice/forest stewardship plans, technical assistance -- the SWCD now makes it easier! Request SWCD on-site assistance by completing the online
SWCD Assistance Form



Fill out, and submit
the assistance form >

You can also request service over the phone. 218-828-6197



SWCD Technician will schedule an appointment with you for an on-site property visit.



SWCD Technician will come out to site. Cost for a 1 hour on-site assistance visit is is $125,


($200 for Wetland

Restoration Inspection)


Additional hours of technical assistance are $60/hour.

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On-site consultation

Fee Schedule

The Crow Wing SWCD Board of Supervisors has approved a fee schedule for Crow Wing SWCD services. Click the download below to view the 2022 On-site Consultation Fee Schedule.

In past projects, the SWCD has found that shoreline protection utilizing natural, biodegradable coir logs

and fiber matting coupled with native vegetation can actually cost less than “rip-rapping” an erosion prone shore – by as much as 25%. Furthermore, after widespread ice damage in recent winters, we’ve seen

re-vegetated shorelines with properly installed, vegetated coir logs out-perform Rip-Rap, with little to no movement or damage and full protection of previously threatened or failing shoreline.