My Pocket Prairie Installation Bundle

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Everything you will need to turn a patch of lawn into a 5’x5′ native prairie space!  Have a bigger area?  Upgrade to the 5’x10′ size or really get rid of some lawn and install our 10’x10′ option!

Native plants will be shipped in the Spring, beginning around Memorial Day. We will be in contact as Memorial Day Weekend approaches with more information on when to expect delivery!  


What do we mean by “native” plants?  The 9 species in My Pocket Prairie are plants that evolved for generations to be acclimated to our climate, and to serve important ecosystem benefits such as provide a food source and habitat for birds, bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.  These plants are locally sourced and grown, meaning they will thrive in your yard in our Upper Midwest conditions.  3 plants of each species are included, for a total of 27 plant plugs for your 25 square foot space.


What's In It

The full MPP installation bundle includes:

  • 27 native perennial plants (9 different species)
  • 5’x5′ All-Natural Biodegradable Weed Suppressant Mat with stenciled plant layout
  • Corrugated Metal Edging
  • Yard Sign & wooden stake
  • Wood stakes and shims for edging install
  • Metal staples for securing the mat
  • All necessary hardware
  • Instruction Booklet outlining the process!
  • My Pocket Prairie Includes 3 each of the below species, for a total of 27 perennial native plants!

  • Swamp Milkweed:  Milkweeds are the lone food source for Monarch Caterpillars!
  • Purple Prairie Clover:  Excellent spikes of flowers that open from top to bottom, loved by Bumblebees
  • Narrow Leaved Purple Coneflower:  Colorful blooms frequented by many Butterfly species.  Seed is cherished by birds, especially through winter.
  • Rattlesnake Master:  Unique flower structure and foliage makes this species a fan favorite!
  • Meadow Blazing Star:  Centerpiece of your My Pocket Prairie!  Truly a Monarch Magnet, this species is almost guaranteed to attract Monarchs to your garden when in bloom.
  • Slender Penstemon:  The first to bloom in your garden, this lovely flower may attract Hummingbirds.
  • Gray Goldenrod:  Attractive low-growing yellow flowers are a great food supply for pollinators in the early Fall.
  • Sky Blue Aster:  Charming blue flowers, providing much needed food fro Bees preparing for hibernation.
  • Little Bluestem:  This beautiful bunch grass will offer year round appeal as well as structural support for flowers.  Host to Skipper Butterflies and great winter foliage!

My Pocket Prairie Installation Bundle

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