Shoreline Protection Practice Workshop

June 2-4, 2021

SWCD Technician Job Approval Authority (JAA)

Deliverables for Design, Installation, and Certification of Shoreline Protection Practices

  •  342 Critical Area Planting
  •  390 Riparian Herbaceous Cover
  •  580 Shoreline Stabilization


Participants will gain knowledge, skills, and abilities toward JAA.

Training does not include certification for JAA.


Location: Lake Marquette, Bemidji, MN




The three-day training workshop will be held on the shores of Lake Marquette at Oak Hills Christian College, Bemidji, MN.

Technicians will learn skills and go through steps to develop, design, and implement a plan meeting JAA criteria. The NRCS three-phase/nine-step Conservation Planning Process will be followed. Site analysis and planning for engineering practice 362 Diversion will also be discussed. Sessions will alternate between classroom, lab, and field, culminating with installation.  

Upon completion participants will have training & experience in:

     •   skill sets for practice standards 342, 390, and 580.

     •   basic survey skills to design and certify project installation.

     •   design of a plan for JAA in standards 342, 390, 580.




Complete BWSR Core Competency Modules at MNC3

  • Soils
  • Water
  • Conservation Planning


Basic Hydrology Module: This is a BWSR training that covers the science of hydrology, precipitation, runoff, curve numbers and peak discharge.

JAA Shoreline Protection Workshop - June 2-4, 2021

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  • Day 1: Conservation Plan Phase l

    • Summarize issues, collect information, map
    • Field Assessment
    • Evaluate issues and solutions 
    • Pre-design Meeting

    Day 2: Conservation Plan Phase ll

    • Survey Basics, Field Techniques & Strategies
    • Survey (lab)
    • Plot Point Survey Data (Classroom)

    Day 2: Conservation Plan Phase lll Part 1

    • Plans, Specs, Quantities, O & M
    • Construction Staking
    • Technician Installation of Coir logs

    Day 3: Conservation Plan Phase lll Part 2

    • Technician Installation of plants, trees and shrubs
    • Complete As-builts
    • Next Steps for JAA
    • Questions and Answer Session

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